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Paragon Europe with an active role during Malta’s EU Presidency

Paragon Europe

with an active role during

Malta’s EU Presidency

Paragon Europe’s vision is to positively change our world for the better by assisting local and European regional stakeholders in sourcing EU funding to implement EU projects, bringing professional excellence to bear on behalf of the community. Paragon’s commitment to excellence is now being extended to Malta’s EU Presidency with a calendar of conferences to be held over the coming months as part of Malta’s official EU Presidency. EDWIN WARD, Chairman of Paragon Europe speaks to the Malta Business Review about these forthcoming events.

What does Paragon Europe’s active involvement in the EU Presidency mean to you?

For most of us, the thought of tiny Malta chairing the EU Presidency was a distant notion, a quasi-impossible idea to even imagine, let alone experience! And yet, here we are today, living a historic moment for our country, witnessing a milestone achievement for the nation as Europe’s de facto leaders. This will mean nothing if we as citizens do not do our part. We are being called to become protagonists through active participation by understanding the challenges, the threats and the opportunities that lie ahead and together, to find solutions for us all, and for the next generations. Perhaps this explains why I am so proud to Chair a pro-active company like Paragon Europe at this point in time.

How does this fall within Paragon’s mission?

Paragon Europe always understood and embraced the immeasurable opportunities that EU accession would bring to Malta and through the vision of Dr. Anton Theuma, Paragon’s founder, we wanted to grasp these opportunities to help those with a mission to bring change in their community. Through dedication, hard work, innovation and a lot of travel, Paragon Europe today is a Maltese company with the professional will and integrity to contribute both in Malta and in Europe, to the objectives of the EU Social Agenda and the ‘headline targets’ of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

More tangibly, how does Paragon plan to bring more value to Malta’s EU Presidency?

We started asking ourselves “what can we as Paragon bring to Malta at this very special moment in time? How could we leverage our years of experience in important areas such as Education and Training, Sustainable Development and Environment, Energy, Climate, Transport and Water, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Social Inclusion, ICT, Innovation and Entrepreneurship?” It ws here that we decided that Paragon Europe should adopt an active role by doing what it does best: building collaboration with our networks and together with them address some very important issues concerning Corporate Governance, Climate Change, Transport, Energy, Innovation Funding, Intrapreneurship and Unemployment through a series of milestone conferences.

Will you be tackling any specific subjects or sectors?

We are looking at the main three priorities of Malta’s Presidency namely the Mediterranean, Maritime and Migration. In line with our mission, we will be delivering excellence through high-profile conferences with world-class speakers on Corporate Governance, Circular Economy, Urbanisation, Access to Finance and more, bringing together key stakeholders from national governments, corporate and civil society.

The first conference will be the 20th European Corporate Governance.

Yes, the 20th European Corporate Governance Conference will be held on May 4th and will be Europe’s most important corporate governance conference this year. It will be hosted on behalf of the Institute of Directors Malta Branch together with ecoDa with the support of European Issuers, Business Europe, EY EAME as a major sponsor and DG Justice, endorsed by the Ministry of Finance under the auspices of the Malta Presidency of the Council of the EU. It will explore corporate governance as a tool for rebuilding trust, generating shareholder value, redefining the CSR debate while discussing recent changes in corporate governance in the global context in relation to digitalisation processes as foreseen in DG Justice’s Green Paper on Company Law which is expected to go before the European Parliament in November and thereafter apply across the EU. More than 200 European Directors, Chairmen, CEO’s and Non-Executives are expected to attend supplemented by local experts and Directors.

And the second conference will tackle the environment right?

Indeed. The second conference will be led by Paragon Europe Executive Director Dr. Nadia Theuma and the topic will be specifically Towards a Zero Carbon Economy in the Mediterranean and Beyond. This conference will be organised in conjunction with the EU’s Climate-KIC project and with the support of the Maltese Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change. This event will tackle global warming and the fact that if climate change is not mitigated, within the next 30 years Malta could be very different to how we know it today. It will also discuss how innovation will be playing an extremely important role in confronting the challenges of climate change and how challenge-led innovation is confronting climate change.

How do these events build a stronger context for Malta’s EU Presidency?

Malta’s EU Presidency is indisputably happening at a very complex time for EU integration. When one takes into consideration the fact that Malta will be the last Mediterranean country to hold the Presidency before 2020, one understands better how this is an opportunity for the Mediterranean region. It is within this context that Paragon Europe has found a leading role to raise the profile of important issues in this historic time for Malta.

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