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Climate-KIC media coverage of Valletta Declaration

Engagement and effective implementation of new and future environmental projects, twinning projects and EU funded regional projects for climate action, through the nurturing of an Innovation Hub in Malta, creation of 10,000 jobs in existing and new SME’s and realizing 10% of GDP through innovation and development are amongst the most salient points of a new Valletta Declaration to be presented later this month in favour of further action for a cleaner environment.

Malta pledges to become the first zero-carbon Mediterranean economy by 2030

Kirsten Dunlop, Climate-KIC CEO issued a wake up call at the Climate-KIC conference “Towards a Zero Carbon Economy by 2030″ in Malta last month. “The urgency to change our behaviour to limit climate change has never been higher than today. The next 30 years are about do or die,” she said, adding that “decisions on how to tackle environmental challenges will have to be taken and turned into action within the coming five years.”

Paragon Europe with an active role during Malta’s EU Presidency

Paragon Europe’s vision is to positively change our world for the better by assisting local and European regional stakeholders in sourcing EU funding to implement EU projects, bringing professional excellence to bear on behalf of the community. Paragon’s commitment to excellence is now being extended to Malta’s EU Presidency with a calendar of conferences to be held over the coming months as part of Malta’s official EU Presidency. EDWIN WARD, Chairman of Paragon Europe speaks to the Malta Business Review about these forthcoming events.